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5 February 1983
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lauren. i lived my whole life in maryland until this past may where i moved clear across the country to arizona. i am doing pretty good here. i think of myself as a kind person who cares about others' feelings and animals. i was never the popular girl but always wanted to feel accepted by them for some strange reason. i just realized how wonderful my friends are, now that they are back in maryland and im getting along without them. im learning that i can make it, but its not easy without a huge support system. but myspace helps me to stay connected, but i do feel out of the loop-since i am! i miss my family alot. im realizing how important they are to me. i lost my dad to cancer one year ago. its been very difficult to deal with. he was the most amazing person i have ever met and i hate the fact that he was killed slowly by cancer. i guess u really dont know what u have until its gone. unfourtunately.... but i do have my boyfriend and my dog who are my family right now away from my home. i dont know if i will ever feel at home completely except in mayland where i know where all the roads lead and where my friends parents houses are..it just more natural to me..ok so i guess that is a good start about me..im going to use this journal to get out my frustrations, emotions and excitement and to start writing on a somewhat normal basis again.