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training boys to be clean

ok i so have learned that in most cases men are messy. my brother is a slob and leaves the most messes out of anyone i know. but my dad was not a messy person at all. and in reason months i have picked up alot of my dad's traits. i think he was a great person and i wouldn't mind being like him. although when he was really sick, i do remember him saying that he shouldnt have been so strict about keeping things clean all the time, but i think it was a better atmosphere to live in, then a messy home. i think things should be clean and put away. im an interior designer, we are kind of particular about things like that. and the thing is that my boyfriend isnt the cleanest person. and it drives me crazy. i have heard of some men being worse than him, but its difficult to live with someone who doesnt care about keeping things clean and neat. i mean he leaves his clothes all over the house and cabinet doors open and tops off of food items that will go bad! just drives me crazy. on my days off, i always clean up the house and the days i come home from work, things are all over the of place and it frustrates me. i cant relax until things are back to normal. ok so maybe i am OCD or something... but my room in my mom's house was not super clean(even quite messy at times), but now that im on my own and spend my own money on everything and the way things look reflect on me more, i take alot more time in making sure the house looks decent. and im a germophobe so i have to disinfect things too. i have to know that the counters arent sticky and gross. and especially the stove, cuz if u leave food under the burners u wont ever get that off completely. ok i know i sound crazy! but to me it makes sense. i know it drove me crazy living with my brother and now i dont have to deal with that but i live with someone who is like 75% as bad as my brother was! and dont get me wrong sometimes i do leave things out for a bit like if im in a hurry for work or some place but when i get back i clean it up and put it all away! so i guess im kind of like monica from friends. i cant help it!
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