laurielizzle (laurielizzle) wrote,

wonderful weekend

 i had a great weekend! the temperature was really nice 90s during the day and like 75ish at was soo nice for the weather to not be hot....i had three days off work, we get them every six yay! i went to oktoberfest on friday night and it was fun! i had some beers and then went out to the bars closeby, we met some of chris's friends at the bar and hung out for a few hours. i got pretty silly but i still felt ok the next day..on saturday we went target shooting with chris's brother and siter-in law. they are cops and took us to the shooting range. i get such a rush when i shoot. its hard though! the guns were heavy and the longer you hold the gun, the more wobbly my arms got, but i had a good time. and we also drove to the top of casa grande mountain and it was pretty up there with lots of cactus and rocks. the view of tabletop mtn across the horizon was pretty! check it out on myspace under the hanging out in az album. then..that night we went to a senses fail show!!! it was a great day. i drunk some beers and danced all silly at the show. chris thought i was wierd. but i dont care!! sooo on sunday, we went to the IMAX and saw the heartbreak kid on the big screen. the movie was ok., it had some funy parts but it wasnt that wonderful. but luckily we got in cheap cuz it was the grand opening and it was a matinee. but i wouldnt reccommend it!! and afterwards we went to PF changs and it was super!! i hope everyone had a good weekend!
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